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About Us

Our History

Family and tradition have always been an essential part of Pietro & Mirella Mancini’s lives. Through them, their families are joined together sharing a slice of Italian culture with the local community, a fiercely loyal group of Michiganders and area tourists that have it as a destination.

In the beginning there was Italia Food Market a tiny grocery store (in the early 1960s) that catered mainly to the Italian community. It was a place where recent immigrants were able to find an authentic place that made them fell like they were in Italy. This venture was taken on by Pietro & Mirella Mancini. After years of steady growth and success the grocery store became an icon of italian food culture for the local community.

In 1974, Italia Bakery was born.

Taking advantage of it’s reputation of success Italia bakery was born in 1974. The addition of a bakery solidified an authentic Italian food experience in our region and experience you could only get if you went to Italy.

From its humble beginnings Italia bakery has remained true to its values of hard work and authenticity. Food and family is at the centre of the Italian culture. From basic ingredients our hand-made treasures like bread, cookies, pastries, cakes, and other goods is a tradition that’s alive and well at Italia Bakery. It is our hope that we can bring an authentic Italian food experience to your dinner table, nothing makes us happier.

Italia Bakery is proud to be a one-of-a-kind place.

From desserts and deli meats to Paninis and platters, we’re proud to be able to satisfy the hunger of locals and tourists alike. We use only the freshest ingredients and make a number of meals by hand. The result: you’re able to enjoy carefully crafted cuisine every time you visit.

In 1974, Italia Bakery was born.

Soon enough, in 1974, Italia Bakery was born — both from opportunity and the desire to create a new place for customers to enjoy. Our Italian culture is authentic, and the quality received by our customers has resulted in a significant number of “word-of-mouth” referrals. And while we’ve expanded our store three times in the four decades since Italia Bakery was born, we’ve remained true to the values that we hold near and dear, including quality and customer service.

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